"I entered Nocturne not knowing who nTTx was, but left a fan. This act drew the biggest crowd I’ve seen at any Indie Week showcase this year (there were even band t-shirts amongst the fans), and understandably so. From his first moments on stage, it was obvious that this guy was a pro. Gord Clement, whois behind nTTx, performed original work, as well as a solid cover of ‘Tainted Love.’ Clement embraced his own technical issues with humour and performed through them with class. By the end of the set, there was a demand for an encore (no, it didn’t happen) and a unanimous decision that nTTx take the top spot of the night. His heavy synth sounds and strong vocals can be heard competing in the semi-finals on November 11"


Oh man was it great seeing and hearing you 


Gord Clement, with his bleached blonde hair and commanding voice, seemed to embody the era his band is aiming for. Funnily enough, this is the same era in which Acid Test first made their mark. nTTx are a more recent proposition (forming in 2014), but the Kraftwerk and Skinny Puppy influences are real. In the end, nTTx brought all the techno-loops and vocal effects they needed to show the crowd a good time.


Opening the night off was Toronto’s nTTx, an industrial synth pop unit headed up by vocalist Gord Clement. Gord was backed by musicians on guitar and drums to make a trio that really delivered some great sounds and energy to warm up the Garrison. They really have a unique sound and style that fit well on the night and as the crowd grew and the room filled, they certainly had people rocking to their music. Great job.